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A Female Reciting Quraan Shareef For Dhor During Her Menstrual Cycle


Is it permissible for a girl memorising the Quraan Shareef to continue with Dhor whilst experiencing her menstrual cycle? If not, is there any alternative? Can she listen to Quraan Shareef being recited on a recording?


It will be impermissible for a girl memorizing Quraan Shareef to continue with Dhor whilst experiencing her menstrual cycle. However, in order that she does not forget the Quraan Shareef that she has already memorized, Ulama have mentioned the following two methods which she may adopt during her menstrual cycle: 

1. She should use a piece of cloth (other than the one she is wearing) to open the Quraan Shareef and thereafter use a pen or something similar to flip the pages. She should look into the Quraan Shareef and recite in her heart (without moving her tongue). 

2. She should listen to someone else reciting the Quraan Shareef. She may even listen to the Quraan Shareefbeing played on a CD or on the computer etc.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


رد المحتار ج١ ص٢٩٢ 

الفتاوى اهندية ج١ ص٣٨ 

فتاوی قاسمیه ج ۵ ص ۲۳۶

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