A Masbooq Making Salaam With The Imaam


If by following Iman the Masbouq involuntarily made a salam, will he have to do the Sajda-Sahw? What if he made two salaam by mistake?


We assume that you question is in regards to the Masbooq making Salaam forgetfully when the Imaam terminated his Salaah. 

There can be three scenarios to this Mas’ala, 

1. Either he made Salaam before the Imaam.

2. He made Salaam simultaneously with the Imaam.

3. He made Salaam after the Imaam. 

In the first two cases,  Sajda-e-Sahw will not be obligatory upon the Muqtadi. However, in the last case where Salaam was made after the Imaam, which is the most common case, Sajda-e-Sahw will be Waajib (obligatory) irrespective of whether the Masbooq made a single Salaam to his right or both Salaams.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


ومن أحكامه أنه لو سلم مع الإمام ساهيا أو قبلة لا يلزمة سجود السهو لأنه مقتد وإن سلم بعده لزمة 

(البحر الرائق ص ٢٩٢ ج١) 

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