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Consuming Birthday Cake

Is it permissible to eat cake given to you but that was made for someone’s birthday?

Sajdah Tilaawat When Testing A Child

How many sajdah will a parent do that is sitting to help his/her child learn?

Authentic Translation Of The Quraan-e-Majeed

I have being gifted a 13 line Quraan with line by line English translations.The Quraan is based on the Yusuf Ali translation...

Interfaith Gatherings And Meetings

What is the Islamic perspective of interfaith and attending such gatherings?

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Doubt Regarding Water Being Swallowed During Wudhu
Question While making wudhu, after gargling the mouth and spitting out the water, some water enters a person’s mouth while washing his face. This happened because a person’s lips open slightly while washing the hair of the beard just below the lips....
Kissing While Fasting
Question During Ramadhaan, a husband and wife kissed mouth to mouth for around 5-10 seconds while fasting just before going to sleep after Fajr. They do not know whether there was exchange of saliva or whether any saliva was swallowed. Will kaffaarah...
Qadha Salaat Between The Sunnat Fajr And Fardh Of Fajr Salaah
Question Can one perform Qadha of a missed Salaat during the period between the Sunnat of Fajr and Fardh of Fajr. Note: After having performed my Fajr Sunnat I have sufficient time before the Fajr Fardh commences. Answer Yes, it will be permissible...
Keeping The Name Muawiyah
Question Can you advise if it is suitable to keep the name Muawiyah for a boy? Answer When it comes to picking a name for a child, the Asmaa Husnaa of Allah, the names of Rasool Allah SallAllah 'Alayh Wa Sallam, the names of the illustrious Sahaabah...
Plucking The Eyebrows
Question I would like to know if neatening/plucking the eyebrows are haraam?  Answer If a few strands of hair of the eyebrows are extremely long, causing obstruction to vision or creating discomfort to the eyes (due to protruding into the eyes)...
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