Not Paying Parking Lot Parking Fees


At times, I’ll park my car in parking lots, and not pay for a ticket, and hope that I don’t get caught by a traffic warden who maybe patrolling the area. I’ve always got away with it, Alhamdulillah, if I can say that?

Am, I expected to pay the local city council back the tickets I should’ve purchased at every instant when I parked my car?


According to our understanding the parking bays or parking lots are owned by the local municipality or city council and they are therefore entitled to impose charges.

When you as the consumer intend utilizing the parking provided by the local council, you have indirectly entered into a hiring agreement with the city council by placing your vehicle in the parking bay. By means of your action you have indicated that you will utilize the parking space provided for an x-amount of time, and in return you agree to reimburse them for the usage, according to the tariff stipulated (by the city council).

It is now necessary upon you to pay the stipulated tariff irrespective of whether a traffic warden is present for inspection or not. Not paying the required tariff and in fact avoiding payment is tantamount to deceiving the city council. Our accountability lies with Allah Ta’aala, thus it is best that you reimburse the local council for using their parking facilities in the past without payment. 

Also, it is an extremely dangerous practice for a person to deceive another person and in addition express gratitude by taking Allah’s name and saying ‘Alhamdulillah.’ Taubah is required for such an action.

If you are unhappy with paying the stipulated tariff, you should rather park in an area that provides free parking or utilize public transport.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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