Omitting a Waajib of Salaah


I was under the assumption that if one was to miss a wajib occasionally or almost every time then you should correct your salah with sajda sahwa. However, if one doesn’t normally miss their wajib and always completes the waajibat of salah then they should repeat their salah? Is this correct? 

The only reason I questioned it is because recently I’ve joined a back to basics course local to me and we have visited these subject areas again and it was said the other way round i.e. if one forgets often then they should repeat salah and if one doesn’t normally forget the wajibaat of salah and forgot it then they should correct with sajda sahwa. 


In principle, if a person forgetfully omits a Waajib act from the Salaah, he/she will be required to perform Sajdah Sahw. However, this will be the case if one is sure that he/she has missed a Waajib. If the person is in doubt regarding whether or not the Waajib was omitted, he/she will be required to act upon that thought which is dominant after reflecting. Accordingly, if the dominant thought is that a Waajib has been omitted, the individual will perform Sajdah Sahw at the end, otherwise not. Yes, if a person has forgetfully omitted a Waajib act, and has not performed Sajdah Sahw either, he/she will have to repeat the Salaah before the expiration of the time of that particular Salaah. Similarly, if the Waajib was omitted intentionally.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


(رد المحتار- ح٢ ص٧٧-٨٠)

(اهدية العلائية- ١١٠ ) (دار ابن حزم) 

(بدائع الصنائع-ج١ ص ٦٩١) 

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