Slowing Down An Electricity Meter


We are living in a certain area where we are being charged high for electricity, other areas are being charged much lower. Is it permissible to bridge your electric meter in your house by letting it run slow thus paying less to the  council. Will a person be sinful if he bridges the meter?


The city councils of the various towns of our country have fixed electricity rates/charges per unit of electricity or water utilised by the consumer. These rates reflect on the consumer’s monthly statement/utility bill. The rates may differ according to the location of one’s residence as you have correctly stated in your query. However, the city council does not compel any individual to purchase electricity or water from their respective companies. The consumer is free to choose whether he wants to hire their services or not.

If the consumer opts to hire their services, they should pay the rates fixed by the city council. Charging higher rates per unit of electricity in elite areas and a considerably lower rate in under privileged areas does not afford one the license of tampering with or bridging the electricity meter. If a person bridges the meter thereby causing it to move at a slower speed which results in him paying a lower electricity bill, he will be sinful and answerable in the Court of Allah Ta’aala as he has deceived and stolen from the electricity provider. 

A person should therefore refrain from such practicesthat will destroy his Aakhirah.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.