Use Of A Chair In Salaah


Exactly when is a person permitted to use a chair for Salah in Jamaat or otherwise?


The Ulama have mentioned that those people who are invalid and unable to stand, should be encouraged to perform their Salaah sitting on the floor and not on chairs. Yes, those who are incapacitated in the true sense to the extent that, due to some handicap, they cannot even sit on the floor would be permitted to sit on a chair and perform their Salaah thereon.

Such people should however, arrange to bring the chairs from their homes. It is not the responsibility of the committee members and those serving on Masjid committees to provide them with chairs.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


رجل بحلقه خراج إن سجد سال وهو قادر على الركوع والقيام والقراءة يصلى قاعدا يومئ؛ ولو صلى قائما بركوع وقعد وأوما بالسجود أجزأه؛ والأول أفضل
(رد المحتار ج:٢ ص:٩٦ سعيد)

(من تعذر عليه القيام.. صلى قاعدا… كيف شاء… بركوع وسجود وإن قدر على بعض القيام) ولو متكنا على عصا أو حائط (قام لزوما بقدر ما يقدر ولو قدر آية أو تكبيرة على المذهب؛ لأن البعض معتبر بالكل (رد المحتار ج:٢ ص:٩٥- ٩٧ سعيد) 

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