A Muqeem Performing Salaah Behind A Musaafir Imaam


If someone who is a Muqeem ( not a Musaafir) wishes to join the Jamaat for Asar Salah led by a Musaafir Imaam, how would he complete 4 rakaats because the Imaam would only have to perform 2?


The Muqtadi who read the first two raka’aat of Asr behind the musaafir Imaam will not make salaam when the musafir Imaam makes salaam (after two rakaats).
Instead he should stand up and complete the remaining two rakaats but without reciting anything in those two raka’aat. In each of these raka’aat he ought to stand for the duration of Surah Fatiha. He will not recite anything (whilst in the standing posture) when completing these two rakaats as he is considered a Lahiq.

However if the Muqeem Muqtadi is also a masbooq i.e. he joined the Asr Jamat late due to which he has to also complete the missed rakaat/s together with the other two raka’aat then such a person will be termed as a Masbooq Lahiq.

The following sequence will then have to be adhered to when he is completing his Salaah:

a) If he joined the Jamaat after the Musafir Imaam completed the first rakaat i.e. he only missed one rakaat, then the sequence of completion is that after the Imaam makes Salaam, he will first read two rakaats as a Laahiq (i.e. without  reciting Surah Faatihah in both rakaats) after which he will sit in the tashahud posture and read the  Tashahhud (Attahiyaat) also. He will then stand up and complete the one missed rakaat but together with qiraat. (i.e. he will recite Surah Faatihah and a Surah in this rakaat).

b) If he missed two rakaats i.e. he only joined the jamaat after the Musaafir Imaam concluded the ruku of the second rakaat, then he will have to read four rakaats the procedure of which is that, after the Imaam makes salaam he will first read two rakaats as a Laahiq (i.e. he will not recite Surah Faatihah in these first two rakaats but will just stand for the duration of Surah Faatihah). He will then complete the third and  fourth rakaats as a masbooq. i.e. in these final two rakaats he will recite Bismillah, Surah Faatihah and a Surah. Note that in the first of these two rakaats he must also read Taww’uz as well as the Thana.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


(در المختار ٢\١٢٩) 

(درالمختار ٩٤ ١/٥) 

شامى (١/٥٩٥) 

(شامى ٦ ٩ ١/٥)    

Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah [Farooqiyyah] 526/7

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