A Printing Company Printing Images Of Animate Objects


A group of us printers have recently asked each other in terms of us getting any sin for printing faces and eyes  and animate objects on flyers, posters, etc. for our clients.

Will we as printers and graphic designers get any sins for this?

I have thought of a few scenarios whereby a Muslim client requests a print that contains faces and eyes and animate objects, if we would tell them that it is not permissible and should they wish to continue with the printing, will we still be held accountable for the printing of the material?

Another scenario will be printing for non-Muslim clients, if there is a ruling to it being haraam to print eyes and faces and animate objects, how would we convey this message to them?


It will not be permissible to print animate objects or to design web pages which contain animate objects for business purposes whether the client be Muslim or non-Muslim. In both cases the clients should be informed that the criteria of your company is that no animate objects may be in or amongst the material as your Deen does not permit the printing of animate objects.

As far as sin being incurred is concerned,

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam is reported to have said,

“On the day of resurrection the severest of punishment will be for those who make/take pictures.” 

In another Hadith it is narrated,

“those who make/take pictures will be punished on the day of resurrection and they will be told bring to life that which have sketched/drawn/ taken a picture of.”

Hazrat Mufti Mahmood-ul-Hasan Gangohi Rahimahullah writes: “The standpoint of a true believer at the time of such trials and tribulations is that he sees others perpetrating Haraam actions and thereby earning large profits therefrom whilst he himself remains indifferent to these (Haraam) profits, rather, he will suffer a loss and tolerate the abuse of others but will not perpetrate the disobedience of Allah.”

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


الصحيح لمسلم ج 2ص 201 

 فتاوی محمودیہ ج29ص 310 میر ٹھ

 فتاوی محمودیہ ج29ص 311 میر ٹھ

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