Calculating Missed Salaah Of A Deceased


A Marhoom was bed ridden in the last few weeks before passing… How should his missed salaah be calculated and should this be discharged from his estate?


If the Marhoom had made a Wasiyyat to pay his missed Salaahs then this will be compulsorily be done in conjunction with any other valid Wasiyats that he may have made within one third of the estate. In other words, this will have to be discharged from one-third of the estate (after settling burial expenses and debts). 

The number of Salaahs should be estimated and calculated with the help of family members that were present during the Marhoom’s sickness such as the Marhoom’s spouse. If the Marhoom did not make a Wasiyat to this effect, then the heirs may voluntarily, from their own shares, pay the Fidya for the Marhoom’s missed Salaahs. It is hoped that in this way too, he will Insha-Allah, be absolved of the outstanding obligation/s. However, this is not compulsory upon the heirs. 

The Fidyah of each Salaah (5 Fardh and 1 Witr, in total 6 Salaahs per day) is the equivalent to the amount of Sadaqatul-Fitr.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


(شامي 6/760)

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