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Clipping The Nails During Haidh And Nifaas


Is it permissible or makrooh to cut nails in haidh and nifaas?


The scholars make a difference between clipping nails during Janaabat as opposed to Haidh/Nifaas. Janaabat can be removed quickly through Ghusl; thus it will be forbidden to clip one’s nails whilst in Janaabat.

On the other hand, the impurity of Haidh and Nifaas cannot be removed during the days of Haidh and Nifaas through Ghusl and these impurities stretch over lengthy periods of time. The final ruling in this regard should hence be viewed in the light of the details that follow hereunder: 

Books of Jurisprudence such as Hashiya al-Tahtawi ‘ala Maraqil Falah declare this action as being Makrooh Tanzihi/disliked (provided that this duty is not neglected for 40 days and more). Hence it would be preferable not to clip nails during Haidh and Nifaas, unless there is a valid reason for doing so; for instance if prior to Haidh and Nifaas, a lady did not get the opportunity to clip her nails before her days of Haidh and Nifaas resulting in the duration exceeding 40 days, then she would be required to clip her nails. However, generally a Deeni-conscious lady would not neglect this duty for such a long duration of time; in which case she should not remove her nails during the days of Haidh (as she will not have to wait for too many days before becoming Paak from her Haidh).  

In the case of Nifaas, which stretches over a longer period than Haidh, there is a greater possibility that (due to not having attended to removing this duty prior to getting Nifaas), the lady could very well end up leaving the unwanted nails for more than 40 days, hence she will be required to remove it. Also, if nails become unduly long, it could result in causing injury to the newborn baby when handling the baby. In this case too, apart for the fact that it was left unattended for 40 days, there is the further risk of causing harm to the baby. Hence, all the more reason that there would be leeway for her to clip her nails.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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