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Combining Two Salaahs While Travelling


Is it permissible to make الجمع بين الصلاتين in safar (when traveling)?


We as followers of the Hanafi Madhab are not permitted to combine two Salaahs in one time (irrespective whether one is a resident or a traveller); such as for example, performing the Zuhr and Asr Salaah in Zuhr time, or performing the Maghrib and Esha Salaah in Maghrib time.  

Yes, if a person delays performance of his Zuhr Salaah until shortly before the expiry of Zuhr time and as soon as the Asr time enters he performs the Asr Salaah then this will be permitted (particularly if a traveller is hastening to reach his destination). Outwardly, it seems as though both Salaahs have been combined whereas in reality each Salaah was performed in its respective time. The same applies to Maghrib and Esha. 


In conclusion, we as followers of the Hanafi school of thought are not permitted to combine two Salaahs (even as travellers) in one time, but we may delay one Salaah until shortly before expiry and the perform the next Salaah as soon as the time sets in as explained above.    

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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