Conditions For Something To Be Classified As Khuff Or Jowrab


What are the conditions for something to be classified as a Khuf or Jowrab?


Socks made of leather are referred to as Khuffain whilst Jowrabain refer to socks that are free of leather but manufactured from a thick type of material, wherein all the qualities and requisites of Khuffain are found.

For a leather sock to be classified as Khuffain the following requirements should be met; 

1. The sock must cover the ankles. 

2. One must be able to walk wearing the socks (for a distance of 3 miles without tearing). 

3. The sock must be free from being torn to the extent that the amount of three baby toes are exposed. If the sock is torn less than the above amount, then Masah on it will be valid. 

4. It must hold onto the feet without being tied (onto the ankles).

5. Water should not be able to seep through and reach the skin. 

6. The front portion of the feet equivalent to the measurement of three 3 baby fingers should be present. If the front portion of the feet (to this extent) is not found and only the rear part of the feet is found then Masah on leather socks will not be valid. 

7. The socks should not be transparent of semi transparent. 

As for Jowrabain; The material of the sock should be so thick and coarse that one is able to walk with it for a distance of three miles without it tearing; it must hold onto the shin by itself without falling; water shouldn’t penetrate through the socks and neither should the socks be transparent or semi transparent.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


Thamaratun Najah Pg. 165 Vol. 1

Nurul Idha Chapter of Masah on Khuffain

Fataawa Faridiyya Pg. 98 Vol. 2

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