Eligibility To Receive Zakaat


There is one brother in our country. He does not have any debts but at the beginning of the month he does not have any funds to buy groceries for his family and also his wife is going to have a baby in one month Insha Allah. Can I give him some Zakaat to buy groceries and for his wife who is expecting even though they are not in debts but have no extra money.?


In order for Zakaat to be discharged it would have to be given to a worthy recipient of Zakaat. Hence one would only be entitled to receive Zakaat if one does not own the Nisaab of Zakaat. The Nisaab of Zakaat works out to 612,36 grams of silver and 87,48 grams of gold or its equivalent in value in the form of cash or stock in trade.

Hence, if after the deduction of liabilities such as payable debts, unpaid rent and other unpaid bills, if one does not possess the Nisaab (612,36 grams of silver or 87,48 grams of gold) or its equivalent in value in the form of cash, stock in trade, etc, nor in the form of assets that are beyond his basic necessities such as an extra house, extra furniture, extra clothing, television set, ornaments etc. then he will be eligible to receive Zakaat. Hence in the enquired situation, if the above is applicable to the said brother then he would qualify to be a worthy recipient of Zakaat funds. 

In order for the Zakaat to be discharged it would be imperative that the financial status of the intended avenue be ascertained. The channeling of Zakaat funds to ineligible avenues would render the Zakaat as invalid and would thereby necessitate repayment.

For Zakaat to be discharged one is not obliged to disclose to the recipient that the money being advanced is that of Zakaat, provided that one intends it to be for Zakaat. Hence, even if he were to be verbally told that it is a gift (but the giver makes an intention of Zakaat), it would be counted and discharged as Zakaat.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


(يجب) وظاهر الآية أنه فرض نهرمصرف الزكاة والعشر هو فقيروهو من له أدنى شى أي دون نصاب او قدر نصاب غير نام مستغرق فى الحاجة 

Durrul Muqhtaar vol 2 pg 339

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