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Ensuring That Water Has Reached The Roots Of The Hair During Ghusl


I would like to know regarding Fardh Ghusl; how can a person really be sure/ be completely satisfied, that his Ghusl is complete? Great care is taken in performing Ghusl correctly. However, how can a person know for sure if water has reached the roots of the hair, especially if the beard is thick for example? If by mistake, unintentionally & not deliberately, some hairs of the beard remain dry; will the Ghusl still be valid? What is considered to be the roots of the hair?


In regards to the beard, the Fuqaha have stated that the water has to reach the skin of the beard. By rubbing the hands against the skin whilst pouring water over it will suffice. 

As for water reaching the roots of the hair, this can be achieved by rubbing water onto that portion of the hair that is attached to the scalp.

Yes, if any hair remains dry or unwashed during a Fardh Ghusl, the Ghusl will be invalid. One is therefore required to ensure that he washes his body thoroughly during Ghusl ensuring that water reaches all the required areas adequately. After doing so, one should be content and not entertain unnecessary doubts.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


يفترض في الاغتسال أحد عشر شيئا غسل الفم والأنف والبدن مرة وداخل قلفة لا عسر في فسخها وسرة وثقب غير منضم وداخل المضفور من شعر الرجل مطلقا لا المضفور من شعر المرأة إن سرى الماء في أصوله وبشرة اللحية وبشرة الشارب والحاجب والفرج الخارج
( نور الايضاح فصل في فرائض الغسل) 

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