Leasing A Portion Of Land To Build A Road On


Zaid has a big farm in the middle of the city. The government wants to make a road through that land. They are willing to pay him a certain amount monthly for this. Will it be permissible for him to do this transaction with the government?


It is permissible for Zaid to lease i.e. rent his land to the government to build a road through it on a monthly rental basis. However, the duration of the entire leasing period has to be fixed and the Ujra (rental) has to be stipulated. After the period of the lease expires, the contract can be renewed.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


وأما في إجارة الأرض فلا بد فيها من بيان ما تستأجر له من الزراعة والغرس والبناء وغير ذلك، فإن لم يبين كانت الإجارة فاسدة، إلا إذا جعل له أن ينتفع بها بما شاء 

Bada’i Sana’I Vol Pg.183

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