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Missing The Qunoot In Witr Salaah


If a a person misses Qunoot in the Witr Salaah for many years. On reaching Buloogh he was unaware that recitationof Qunoot in the Witr Salaah is Waajib, hence it was omitted for a period of 5 years. He is now aware that it is obligatory (Waajib) to recite the Qunoot in Witr.

Will he be required to repeat the Witr of 5 years?


If a person omits a Waajib of Salaah due to error then the error can be rectified by performing Sajda-e-Sahw. However, if a Waajib of Salaah is omitted intentionally then one will be required to repeat the entire Salaah and even Sajda-e-Sahw will not suffice in this particular instance. However, the Salaah should be repeated within the time (of that particular Salaah). Once the duration of that particular Salaah elapses, the need of repeating the Salaah no longer remains and the Salaah performed in a deficient or incomplete manner will absolve one of his duty. 

In our scenario, the Witr Salaah performed for a period of 5 years without recitation of the Qunoot will not have to be repeated since the time of the Salaah has elapsed and the Salaah will be considered to be discharged albeit in a deficient manner.    

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


وهذا لان اداء العبادة بصفة الكمال واجب وذلك يجبر النقصان – وظاهر كلامهم انه لو لم يسجد اثم لترك الواجب والسجود كذا في البحر ونظر فيه في النهر وقال بل انما ياثم لترك الجابر فقط اذ لا اثم علي الساهي وينبغي ان يرتفغ هذا الاثم باعادتها

وهذا الاطلاق مقيد بما اذا كان الوقت صالحا حتي لو لم يسجد حتي طلعت الشمس بعد السلام الاول او احمرت وقد كان يقضي قائتة او خرج الوقت في الجمعة او وجد منه ما يمنع البناء بعد السلام سقط عنه كذا في الفتح ص379  اسعاف المولي القدير شرح زاد الفقير   

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