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Purification From Madhi


I have a problem where sometimes Mazi comes out without any warning. I do not come under the ruling of a madhur as it doesn’t continuously come out for a whole Salah time, just now and then. To prevent this I put a piece of cotton wool into my dhakr to prevent Mazi coming out.

Sometimes I feel wetness but when I go to check, there’s nothing there, other times there are.

My question is, once I was leading Salah and felt slight wetness, but then the feeling didn’t come back, so I passed it off as doubt. Later on when I went for istinja, I saw that some Mazi was on my clothes. Was my Salah and wudhu invalid, or will it count? The reason for this is because I would then have to tell the whole majma to repeat the Salah.


If you feel wetness but when you go to check there is nothing, it is Wasaawis (whispers from Shayṭaan). Wasaawis are doubts without any bases in Sharīʿah. However, if now and again, you feel something and your feeling turns out to be correct when checking later; you should always go and check, if you felt something coming out during salaah. 

If you see later that your clothes are soiled with Madhi which is equal or less than the hollow of your palm (which approximately has a diameter of 2.5 to 3cm) then Salaah in such clothes will be valid but Makrooh-e-Tanzihi (undesirable).  If it came out during Salaah, your wudhu will break as well.

If it is more than the hollow of your palm, then to read Salaah with such clothes will be Makrooh-e-Tahreemi (reprehensible). And one should have to repeat the Salaah that is performed in this impure state. 

And one will need to wash the soiled portion three times before it becomes pure. After the first wash squeeze the water out from your underpants, and wash that part for the second time. In this manner wash the soiled portion of the underpants three times. [Baheshti zewar Pg.75] 

We recommend you to keep using some tissue in your pants. This will absorb any discharge and you will not have to worry about soiling your underpants. However, it would be advisable to remove and change it before performing Salaah even though one is uncertain as to whether Madhi got onto the tissue or not.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


  وعفي قدر الدرهم ‌كعرض ‌الكف من نجس مغلظ كالدم والبول…(البحر الرائق Pg.239/Vol.1)

إن كانت النجاسة ‌قدر ‌الدرهم ‌تكره الصلاة معها إجماعا، وإن كانت أقل وقد دخل في الصلاة نظر إن كان في الوقت سعة فالأفضل إزالتها واستقبال الصلاة(البحر الرائق Pg.240/Vol.1)

  فلو صلى مع هذا الثوب صلوات، ثم ظهر أن النجاسة في الطرف الآخر يجب عليه ‌إعادة ‌الصلوات التي صلى مع هذا الثوب. اهـ.( البحر الرائق باب الأنجاس Pg.232/Vol.1)

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