The Second Rakaat Of Fajr Being Lengthier Than The First


If an imam recites 1st 15 verses (i.e.. 1st ruku) from (1-15) of Sarah Maryam in his 1st rakat of fajr salah and in his second rakat recites 25 verses (i.e 2nd ruku) from 16-40.

Is salah valid and advisable to follow?


In the aforementioned scenario, the Salaah will be valid, but to lengthen the second Rak’aat over the first Rak’aat is not desirable. The Fuqaha have stated a consensus that it is Masnoon to prolong the first Rak’aat of Fajr over the second Rak’aat of Fajr. Having said that, by prolonging the second Rak’aat over the first will in no way effect the validity of the salaah. If one is a Muqtadi, this is not a valid reason to leave the Jamaat and pray alone.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


وإطالة القراءة في الركعة الأولى على الثانية من الفجر مسنونة بالإجماع
(فتاوى هندية ص٧٨ ج١ مكتبة ماجدية) 

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