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A Man Spending On His Mother


My mother is a widow who lives in Bangladesh. I like to give money to her on regular basis. I am financially good mashaAllaah as I am medical consultant but my wife does not like that I give money to my mother. I fulfil my wife’s financial right. 

1. I would like a comprehensive fatwa about whose right on me more.

2. I also would like to know whether my wife has the right to stop me sending money to my own mother.

3. Do I have marital duty to support my wife’s family? 


1. The husband is responsible for maintaining the wife by providing basic provisions such as food, drink, clothing, accommodation, cash for personal needs, etc.

If these rights are all taken care of and you possess surplus funds (as you have indicated in your query that you are of a good financial standing) then you should certainly spend and fulfill the needs of your widowed mother as well. Both the wife and the mother enjoy rights over you which should be fulfilled in a manner that one is not oppressed in trying to fulfill the rights of the other, but the rights of both should be fulfilled. Being a medical consultant, we assume that this can be easily achieved (due to your financial position).

2. The wife cannot prohibit you from spending on your mother more especially when her rights are being fulfilled.

3. You are not responsible for supporting your wife’s family. However, if they are financially unstable and you are able to financially assist them then you should and you would be greatly rewarded for that Insha-Allah. 

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


النفقة واجبة للزوجة على زوجها وهى الماكول والمشروب وكسوتها وسكنها الخ

الصدقة على المسكين صدقة وعلى ذى الرحم ثنتان صدقة وصلة
(معجم الكبير) 

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