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A Muttamatti Haaji Performing Multiple Umrah


Is it permissible for a Muttamatti haaji, whilst waiting in Makkah for the 8th day of Hajj to start, to make many more umrahs during this time of waiting in Makkah? Some say you are not allowed to make any other umrah except the umrah of your Tamattu Hajj.


A Mutamati is allowed to perform more than one Umrah before Hajj. In spite of its fundamental permissibility, it would be preferable not to do so. A Mutamatti should thus avoid performing any further Umrahs until after the completion of Hajj. He should rather spend his time in making more Nafl Tawaafs until the days of Hajj arrive because there is a difference of opinion among the Fuqaha (scholars of jurisprudence); some say that if one does perform more than one Umrah, the Tamattu will be rendered invalid whilst others say that it will not harm the Tamattu.

In any case, the preponderant view is that if one has already performed more than one Umrah before Hajj, then it will not harm the Tamattu as his last Umrah will be considered to be the one that is part of his Tamattu Hajj. In other words, when the days of Hajj arrive, he can commence with his Hajj as a Mutamatti.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


ويعتمر قبل الحج ما شاء وما في اللباب: ولا يعتمر قبل الحج فغير صحيح لأنه بناء علي أن المكي ممنوع من العمرة المفردة وهو خلاف مذهب أصحابنا جميعا لأن العمرة جائزة في جميع السنة بلا كراهة الا في خمسة أيام لا فرق في ذلك بين المكي والآفاقي صرح به في النهاية والمبسوط والبحر وأخي زاده والعلامة قاسم وغيرهم رحمهم الله تعالى كذا في المنحة بل المكي ممنوع من التمتع والقران وهذه عمرة مفردة لا أثر لها في تكرر تمتعه 

Gunyatun Naasik Fi Bugyatil Manaasik Pg.115

والظاهر أن المتمتع بعد فراغه من العمرة لا يكون متمتعا من إتيان العمرة فإنه زيادة عبادة 
Minhatul Khalik Alal Bahr Vol.2 Pg.368

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