Disposing Of Old Masjid Carpets


We recently changed the musallaa carpets in the musjid because they were old. We had them for around 25 years. What could be done to these old carpets? Given away? Sold? Sent to be used at some other small musjid/musallas/Madrasa?


Fundamentally, a Masjid’s property and belongings should only be used and utilized in the same Masjid for which they all have been donated; therefore, under normal circumstances if the carpets can be utilized in some other portion of the Masjid, it will not be permissible to utilize them elsewhere.

However, in the enquired instance, since the carpets cannot be used again in future in the same Masjid and there is fear that they will go to waste if left untouched and there is no hope of the present Masjid needing it in future, the Masjid committee will be allowed to sell them and utilize its money in the Masjid or alternatively, they can give the carpets to some other Masjid where they may be needed. However, it cannot be given gratis to a Madrasah or an underprivileged. If a Madrasah or an individual requires it, it can be sold to them for a reasonable market-related price.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


ص ٤٥٩ ج ٢ الهندية

درر الحكام شرح غرر الاحكام ص ١٢٥ ج ٦ 

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