Employment As A Pilot


My brother in law is a pilot. Due to the nature of his job, i am concerned about his income and permissibility of my family taking his benefits of free business class.

1. Eg being a pilot there is free mixing and laxity with air hostresses

2. Indirectly operating a vehicle which serves alcohol

3. Being responsible indirectly for Muslimas travelling without a non mahram

4. The jobs natute having a bearing on ones Aqeedah being impacted by the travel glitz.

My questions are:-

1. Is his income haram. Can i accept gifts / food from him or visit his home?


2. Can my family use his free perks when they travel or would this be regarded as aiding in the sins outlined above.


Generally, pilots are exposed to various forms of evil and sin as you have correctly stated in your query. Even if one tries to be extremely cautious and protects himself, then too the environment in which he works will have a negative effect on him. We therefore advise that Muslims refrain from taking up such an occupation or position. Notwithstanding this, we proceed to answer your queries: 

1. Although such an occupation is inadvisable, his income nonetheless cannot be considered as Haraam as the salary is paid to him for a specific job; which is flying a plane. Therefore, there is no harm in accepting gifts from him or visiting him. 

If pilots are authorized to share their perks with family members, then there is no harm in family members utilizing the said benefits.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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