Fardh, Sunnah And Mustahab Acts Of Wudhu


Which actions are Mustahab, masnun, fardh in Wudhu? I get confused at times.


Faraa-idh of Wudhu
Wudhu has four Fardh acts. If any one of these four Fardh acts is omitted or rendered incompletely, the Wudhu will be null.

The following are the Fardh acts of Wudhu:
1. Washing the face from ear to ear and from forehead to below the chin once.
2. Washing both hands and arms including the elbows once.
3. Making Masah (i.e. wiping with the moist hands) of one quarter of the head once.
4. Washing both feet, including the ankles, once.

Sunan of Wudhu 
Certain acts of Wudhu are classified as Sunnah. It is necessary to execute all the Sunnah acts of Wudhu. The full Thawaab (Reward) and significance of Wudhu depends upon the proper discharge of the Sunnah acts. If the Sunnah acts are omitted the Thawaab will be lost although the Wudhu will be valid. The following are the Sunnah acts of Wudhu:

1. Niyyah (intention) of Wudhu. 
2. Tasmiyah 
3. Commence with right for each limb.
4. Gargling mouth thrice.
5. Applying water into nostrils thrice.
6. Using Miswaak.
7. Masah of whole head. 
8. Masah of ears.
9. Khilaal of fingers, toes and beard.
10. Washing every limb thrice.
11. Observing Tarteeb, i.e. to observe the order of washing the various limbs.
12. Washing the various limbs in quick succession, i.e. washing the next part before the previous part dries. 

Mustahabbaat of Wudhu 
Certain acts of Wudhu are described as Mustahab. Discharging of the Mustahab acts increases the significance and Sawaab of the Wudhu. It is therefore necessary to render all the Mustahab factors of Wudhu. The following acts are Mustahab in Wudhu:
1.  Facing the Qiblah.
2. Sitting on a high surface while making Wudhu.
3. Reciting Duas of Wudhu.
4. Reciting Bismillah for each limb. 
5. Not to engage in worldy conversation.
6. Masah of the nape (i.e. the back of the neck)


Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


Al-Lubaab Vol:1 Pg:31 – 36 Qadeemi
Nurul Idhaa Pg:32 – Qadeemi