Female Discharge Seen After Awakening From Sleep


A female is not sure whether she has had a wet dream or not and in the morning her underwear is clean but when she wipes there is discharge. Should she make ghusl  whether she remembers seen a dream or not?


Semen discharged by females which necessitates Ghusl is generally yellowish in colour. If a female discovers such a discharge in the morning and she is certain that it is semen then even if she does not remember having a wet dream, Ghusl will be Waajib upon her. 

If she doubts whether the discharge was semen or Mazhi (a discharge precipitated by heightened passion) then too, Ghusl will be Waajib as a precautionary measure if she remembers seeing a dream.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


واما اذا يتذكر الاحتلام وتيقن انه مني او شك هل هو مني او مذي فكذلك يجب عليه الغسل فى هاتين الحالتين ايضا اجماعا للاحتياط
(الحلبي الكبير ص٢ ٤)

Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.96/97 vol.5 Farooqiyya

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