Impermissibility Of Countering Sihr With Sihr


If you have an illness suspected to come from the actions of sorcery and black magic (Sihr), can I nullify the sorcery or the magician causing an illness by going to another sorcery thought to be powerful?


Your query in simple terms is in regards to countering a black magician using Jadu through the medium of a more powerful black magician. This will not be permitted as one is ultimately practicing Jadu which is Haraam

Yes, the affected person may seek treatment for his illness either through reciting Manzil and other prescribed verses of the Quraan or seek treatment from a reliable Aamil (whose practices are in total conformity with Shariah.) However, as mentioned above, this in no way gives one the authority and license to practice upon Jadu in return whether directly, or through the means of some other person such as a black magician. 

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


ومن المكفرات ايضا السحر الذي فيه عبادة الشمس ونحوها فان خلي عن ذلك كان حراما لا كفرا (رسائل ابن عابدين 2/302

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