Kaffaarah For Breaking An Oath


The following is the pact  oath that I took with Allah Ta ala regarding my cellphone, as best as I can remember:

I make niyat and take an oath that Oh Allah after exams and when I complete the bathroom renovations, as soon as I get the chance, to give up this phone, and downgrade. Oh Allah make it easy for me, only for your pleasure, to devote more time to Deen and my studies, Insha’Allah.

I gave up my phone accordingly, but thereafter went back to it

Please advise me on what to do.


If a person breaks his oath, he will have to pay a kaffarah which comprises of feeding ten persons with two meals each. If the person does not feed them with any food, but instead he gives grain to ten poor persons, this will also be permissible. 

He should give each poor person grain equal to the amount given in Sadaqatul Fitr (the amount for barley and wheat will differ). It is also permissible to give money equal to the value of the grain.

Alternatively, he could give some clothing to ten poor persons. The clothing must be such that it can cover a major portion of the poor person’s body. For example, if he gives a sheet or a long kurta, the kaffarah will be fulfilled. However, this clothing that he gives should not be very old. If each poor person is given a lungi or a pants, the kaffarah will not be fulfilled. But if he gives a kurtah with it as well, the kaffarah will be fulfilled.

A person has the choice of either giving food or clothing. The kaffarah will be fulfilled with any one of the two. The above-mentioned rule regarding clothing is only applicable if the clothing is given to a man. If clothing is given to a poor woman, it must be such that her entire body is covered and she is able to offer salaat with that clothing. If the clothing is less than this, the kaffarah will not be fulfilled.

If a person is poor and is therefore unable to feed or clothe 10 poor people, he will have to fast for three days consecutively. If he does not fast consecutively for three days, and instead misses a fast or two in between, the kaffarah will not be fulfilled. 

If a person fasts for two days, and misses fast on the third day for some reason or the other, he will have to recommence fasting. The first two fasts will not be considered.

The food or clothing that is given as kaffarah will have to be given to those poor persons who are eligible to receive Zakaat.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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