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One Qurbaani Share Between Two People


My brother and I would would like perform our own qurbani. However it is not possible for us to buy 2 sheep but if we put our money together we can afford to do just one. Will one sheep suffice for both of us or must we rather send it to another country thus taking away the feeling of bakra eid. Also should we maybe cut two smaller lambs or one full size lamb.


Qurbani is Waajib upon a person that possesses surplus assets equivalent to the Nisaab of Zakaat on the morning of Eid-ul-Adha. If one does not own Nisaab, then Qurbani will not be Waajib. It is notnecessary to possess the Nisaab amount in monetary form. If a person possesses extra furniture, or an extra vehicle or an extra home which is on rental or unoccupied etc. over and above one’s basic requirements, equivalent in value to Nisaab then too Qurbani will be Waajib upon a person.

If Qurbani is not Waajib upon you (due to not possessing Nisaab) then you are excused from carrying out Qurbani. If you do possess Nisaab (as explained in the previous paragraph), due to which Qurbani becomes Waajib, then the two of you cannot slaughter only one sheep on behalf for both your Qurbanis. A sheep will only suffice for a single individual, even though the sheep is under a year old but more than six months and it is so big and healthy that it looks like a year-old sheep.

Yes, you and your brother may purchase a share in a cow or purchase a sheep or goat in another country where the price of animals is cheaper. In this way, the Qurbaani will be valid and discharged on behalf of both of you.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


يذبح عن كل واحد منهم شاة او يذبح بدنة من الابل او بقرة عن سبعة وكذا ما دونهم بالاولى فلو عن أكثر لم تجز عن احد منهم 

(اللباب ف شرح الكتاب ص98 ج3) 

فلا بد من اعتبار الغني وهو أن يكون في ملكه مائتا درهم أو عشزون دينارا أو شيء تبلغ قيمته ذلك سوى مسكنه وما يتأثث به وكسوته وخادمه وفرسه وسلاحه وما لا يستغنى عنه وهو نصاث صدقة الفطر
(بدائع الصنائع ص196 ج4) 

( وصح الجذع ) ذو ستة أشهر ( من الضأن ) إن كان حيث لؤ خلط بالثنايا لا بمكن التمييز من بعد 

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