Moving A Child Out Of The Saff


If the first or any other Saff of adults is not full and a child of understand age ( not mature) , 9 or 10 years old came to stand next to the adults,  What should be done? 

Many times, the child commences the salaat and a little later , an adult comes and moves him away behind to form (his own) or join the children’s Saff. Is this correct or should the child be left as is and the adult should stand next to him?


The Fuqaha have written that if there are a number of Na-Baaligh children attending the congregational Salaah then they should form a Saff behind the adults. However, if there is a single Na-Baaligh child in the congregation and there is space remaining in the Saff of the adults then he is permitted to join the adult Saff and perform his Salaah therein. He shouldn’t be standing alone in the Saff at the rear.

However, if a Na-Baaligh child stands in the Saff of the adults then the Salaah of the adults will not be affected in anyway, even though there may be a Saff for children already formed in the Masjid. The adult should not move the child once he has commenced Salaah. He may perform his Salaah next to him.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


ويصف الرجال مم الصبيان ظاهره تعددهم فلو واحدا دخل الصف (الدر االمختار ص٣٨٤ ج١) 

وان لم يكن جمع من الصبيان يقوم الصي بين الرجال (طحطاوي علي مراقي الفلاح ص ١٦٨) 

والے نمازی بچوں کی صف کے پیچھے یا کچھ بچے بڑوں کی صف میں دائیں بائیں کھڑے ہو جائے نمازیوں کی نماز میں کوئی خلل نہیں پڑتا فتاوی دار العلوم ص ۳۴۲ ج ۳

ويحرم إدخال صبيان ومجانين حيث غلب تنجيسهم وإلا فيكره (الدر المختار ص429 ج2)

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