Mushroom Water For Pain Experienced In The Eyes


I wanted to know with regard to mushroom water which comes in the Hadeeth. It comes in a Hadeeth that it is a cure for the eyes. What is the method of using this water. Does a person apply it in his eyes or does a person drink it?

Can a person make amal on it merely due to the fact that it is a Hadeeth, or does a person need to consult a doctor?


The mushroom water should be used as eye-drops for the eyes. However, the commentators of Hadith have written that mushroom water should be utilized together with other medication as a means of cure from eye-ailments. The water shouldn’t be used on its own.

(الكمأة من المن) مصدر بمعنى المفعول أي الممنون به (والمن من الجنة وماؤها شفاءللعين) أي شفاء من داء العين إذا خلط مع أدوية لا مفردا ذكره الزمخشري ) فيض القدير ص84 ج5)

It is written in “Kashful-Bari”(commentary of Sahih Bukhari by Hadhrat Moulana Saleemullah Khan Saheb Rahmatullahi Alaih), quoting from”Umdatul-Qari”, that if the eye-ailment is due to hot temperament of the body, it can be used on its own (without adding any other medication); however if the eye-ailment is due to cold temperament of the body, then it must be used in conjunction with other medication [Re: Kashful-Bari Volume of Kitaabut-Tafseer, Pg. 24]. It is therefore advisable that you contact a Hakeem for guidance in this regard, as he will be able to tell you what the basis of the eye-ailment really is and how the mushroom water needs to be utilized.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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