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Non-Muslims At A Janaazah


  1. Sometimes Non-Muslims attend our burials and assist us in pouring the sand into the qabr. Is such a practice acceptable?

  2. We live in a alocality that is primarily populated by Non-Muslims. We are therefore forced to maintain a good relationship with them. At the time of funerals we are left with no choice but to attend their funerals. under the circumstances. is it permitted for us to attend?

  3. When a woman passes away who is the Wali of the Janaazah? Is permission required from the Wali to perform the Janaazah Salaah?

  4. Where are the Jinn buried?


  1.  The non-Muslims attending the funeral should not be prohibited from pouring sand into the Qabr.
    [Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah Pg.440 Vol.13]   
  1. If you are left with no alternative and you are forced to attend then try to suffice on just attending the funeral. Refrain from all such acts that you are able to refrain from, and continue making Taubah and Istighfaar.
    [Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah Pg.440 Vol.13]
  1. As long as the residuaries (as listed in the chapter of inheritance) are present the husband will not be the Wali of the Janaazah.
    [Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah Pg.445 Vol.13]

    According to some texts it seems that the father has Wilaayat even though the Marhooma’s husband and son are present. However, if the husband or other members of the family or community have already performed the Janaazah Salaah then the Janaazah Salaah will be discharged. Salaat-ul-Janaazah is valid even if discharged without the permission of the Wali. However, in such a case, the Wali reserves the right of reading the Janaazah Salaah after that. Once the Wali has performed the Janaazah Salaah, no other person may perform the Salaah thereafter.  
    [Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah Pg.197 Vol.13]

  2. Jinnat are buried in the earth, ocean and mountains. 
    [Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah Pg.435 Vol.13]
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