Purchasing The Items Of A Na-Baaligh (Immature) Child


My na-baaligh son received some qurbani meat. It should be worth R200. Can we buy it from him for R50?


The Fuqaha have stated that the transaction (of buying and selling) of a little child that hasn’t reached the age of understanding as yet is invalid except if the father, the father’s executor or the Muslim judge consents to the sale.

However, if the child has reached the age of understanding then his transactions (buying and selling) for himself will be valid if approved by the Wali (father/guardian of the child). The consent and approval of the Wali is only valid if the child will not suffer a major loss by concluding such a transaction. If the child will suffer such a huge loss (by concluding the transaction) that is generally not tolerated by the businessmen, then even the permission of the Wali will not suffice in validating the sale. In order words, the sale will not be valid. This means that the child (that is of understanding age) must buy and sell at approximately the ‘market value’ or the ‘going rate’ of the item which should further be coupled with the approval of the guardian.

Your query states that the value of the meat is approximately R200.00 which you intend purchasing at R50.00 which is obviously a huge loss which is generally not endured or tolerated by the traders, thus the sale will not be valid even if the guardian consents to such a sale. You should therefore present an offer that matches the market value or an amount that is closer to the market value and purchase it at that price. After all, it is going to benefit the child because a greater amount will be put into his account for future use.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


(يجب) وظاهر الآية أنه فرض نهر ج ٦ ٥ فلا ينعقد بيع مجنون وصبئ لا يعقل ، ولا وكيل من الجانبين ، إلا في الأب ووصيه والقاضي
(شامي ص ٥٠٤ ج٤)

( قوله لا يعقل ) قيد به ؛ لأن الصبي العاقل إذا باع أو اشترى انعقد بيعه وشراؤه موقوفا على إجازة وليه إن كان لنفسه ، ونافدا بلا عهدة عليه إن كان لغيره بطريق الولاية ط عن المنح ، وهذا إذا باع الصبي العاقل مالة واشترى بدون غبن فاحش وإلا لم يتوقف ؛ لأنه حيننذ لا يصخ من وليه عليه كما يأتي فلا يصخ منه بالأولى
(شامي ص
٥٨ ج ٥)