Removing Hair Of The Hind Private Part


Is it necessary to shave the hair of the hind private part for males?


The general view amongst people is that it is not as necessary to remove the hair of the hind private parts as it is necessary for one to remove the pubic hair. However, the following is worthy of mention:


Although Allama Tahtaawi r has considered the removal of the hair on the hind private parts to be Mustahab and not necessary; the view of Allama Shaami r however, is that removal of these hairs is even more emphasized than that of the pubic hair. In other words, when it is necessary and important to remove pubic hair, it will be all the more important to remove the pubic hair of the hind private parts. [Re:- Ahsanul Fataawa Pg.78 Vol.8] 

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


ثم العانة هي الشعر الذي فوق الذكر وحواليه وحوالي فرجها ويستحب إزالة شعر الدبر خوفا من أن يعلق به شيء من النجاسة  )طحطاوي علي المراقي ص287)

والعانة الشعر القريب من فرج الرجل والمراة ومثلها شعر الدبر بل هو اولٰي باللازالة لئلا يتعلق به شيء من الخارج عند الاستنجاء بالحجر (فتاوي الشامي 481 ج2)

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