Removing Toiletries From Hotel Rooms


Will it be permissible to remove toiletries (soaps/shampoo) from the hotel rooms and bring them home?


This will depend on the Urf (common practice) in a particular country or town. If the common practice is that people are permitted to use the products and not permitted to remove them then the items will only be for usage during one’s stay at the hotel. On the other hand, if the common understanding is that the remaining items (of that which the hotel has supplied) may be taken by the guest when departing as the hotel provides new items for the next client (due to hygienic reasons or otherwise) then it will be permissible to remove the item. However, it will be best to confirm and get clarification from the hotel authorities in regards to the above issue (whether the items are meant for usage only whilst residing or it has been given to the guest whereby he has become the owner) rather than using one’s own discretion.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


واعلم ان اعبتار العادة والعرف رجع اليه فى مسائل كثيرة حتى جعلوا ذلك اصلا
(رسائل ابن عابدين ص ٤٤ ج١) 

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