Saahib-e-Tarteeb Forgetting To Make Qadha Of The Missed Salaah


If a Saahib-e-Tarteeb misses any Salaat and forgot to make Qadhaa of it what will be the condition of his next Salaat?


If a Saahib-e-Tarteeb happens to forget about his missed Salaah and he offers the Salaah of the current time and remembers later on that he had missed his Salaah, he should perform his Qadha once he remembers, and the Salaah of the current time will be regarded as valid. For example, if one missed his Fajr Salaah, and he offered his Dhuhr Salaah and remembered only afterwards that he had missed his Dhuhr Salaah, his Dhuhr Salaah will be valid and now he should just make up his Fajr Salaah. 

However, if he remembers having missed Fajr Salah before or during his Dhuhr Salah, he must first pray his Qadha of Fajr, thereafter read his Dhuhr Salaah.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


في رد المحتار: (قوله أو نسيت الفائتة) معطوف على قوله ضاق الوقت….وحاصله أنه يسقط الترتيب إذا نسي الفائتة وصلى ما هو مرتب عليها من وقتية أو فائتة أخرى. 
(رد المحتار) ج٢ ص٦٦-٦٨ (باب قضاء الفوائت) (ط: سعيد كميى) 

ثم الترتيب يسقط بالنسيان وبما هو في معنى النسيان، كذا في المضمرات ولو تذكر صلاة قد نسيها بعد ما أدى وقتيه جازت الوقتية. 
(الفتاوى الهندية) ج١ ص١٢٢ (الباب الحادى عشر في قضاء الفوائت) (ط: مكتبة رشيدية) 

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