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Salaah Of A Person Wearing Diapers


My uncle of who is eighty-five had an accident. He has to wear a diaper. Please advise me how is salah to be done; also if he has to complete all the rakaats or only the fardh.


If the elderly person is wearing a napkin due to continuous urine drops, or he is totally unable to control his urine or stool at all times, then he will fall in the category of a Mazoor. In such a situation he should perform a fresh Wudhu in every Salaah time and perform his Salaah. For each subsequent Salaah thereafter, he will once again re-new his Wudhu and perform as many Salaah as he wishes until the end of that Salaah time. If urine or stool emerges after performing a fresh Wudhu, then too the Salaah will be valid. It will not be necessary to replace the diaper. 

Regarding the Salaah, he should perform his Faraaidh, Waajibaat (such as the Witr Salaah) and Sunnat-e-Muakkada too, if he is able to do so. If he cannot stand to perform his Salaah, he may sit down and perform the Ruku and Sajda. If he is able to sit but unable to perform Ruku and Sajda then he should perform Ruku and Sajda by indication; i.e. with signs and gestures (by bending his head forward a little for Ruku and a little more for Sajdah).

If he is unable to sit down he may lie on his back and perform Salaah. In such a case, he should place a pillow beneath his head so that he faces towards the Qibla and whilst making his gestures for Ruku and Sajdah.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


 Shaami pg.504 vol.1

 Nurul Idha pg.130

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