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Salaries And Bonuses


We presently employ a person whose package is as follows:

a) Monthly Salary

b)Bonus based on a fixed percentage of the profit of the business 


If the staff wants to work 50% of the hours should he be remunerated

1)50% of the salary

2) Does the staff retain 100% of his bonus or is it reduced to 50% 


Please note the (staffs responsibility will not necessarily decrease to 50%)


1) According to Shariah, in these types of employment contracts, the employee will be paid according to a time basis. This reworking of the work hours will be classified as a new contract. The fixing of the salary will be left to the discretion of the employer and employee. 

2) The above-mentioned ruling will also apply in the matter of bonuses.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


الضابط الثاني: حيثما كان المعقود عليه المدة فالاجير خاص و فی هذا ايضا اربعة اوجه: …..الوجه الثالث: ان يذكر فيه المدة اولا ثم الاجرة ثم العمل و علی ذالك فالمعقود عليه هي المدة و الاجير خاص فهذه الاجارة صحيحة بالاتفاق……..(درر الحكام ١-٣/٣٨٥)

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