Shaving The Beard


Does a person Faasiq if he shaves or trims his beard?


A person who shaves or trims his beard to less than a fist length is certainly termed as a Faasiq. Allama Shaami Rahimahullah has written:

It is Haraam upon a man to cut his beard.
Shaami 6/204

And the Sunnat in regards to the beard is that it should be a fist length, whatever exceeds a fist length should be cut.
Shaami 6/204

A person who shaves off the beard (or even trims his beard less than a fist length) is termed as a Faasiq. It is Makrroh-e-Tahreemi to allow such a person to lead the congregational prayer.
Shaami 2/298

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


يحرم على الرحل قطع لحيته (شامى ص ٤٠٢ ج٦) 
والسنة فيها القبض فما زاد منها على قبضة قطعه (شامى ص ٤٠٨ ج٦)

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