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Sheikh Adding His Murida To A Whatsapp Group


Is it Jaiz for a Shaikh in tazkiyah to add ones wife who is his murida into a whatsapp group for deeni purposes since the husband feels uneasy


Generally ‘Whatsapp’ groups are used for linking up with friends, family and engaging in casual chats. Although some of these groups are utilized for propagating Deen and imparting religious messages but then too we notice that members tend to become informal, lax and unnecessary discussions are initiated somewhere along the line. This generally happens on groups consisting of males only and we assume that the same happens on chats consisting of females only as well. These unnecessary chats then lead to backbiting, slandering, false accusations, and various other controversial issues which require no elaboration. Some of these are major sins which require repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allah Ta’aala as well as the servant whose reputation was tarnished. Hence, one should tread carefully on ‘Whatsapp’ groups. 

As for mixed groups, we totally discourage from creating groups which consist of both males and females even if such groups are created for Deeni purposes or passing on community information. Initially, the group is initiated with a good intention but as time goes on, users tend to become lax and interact either on the main page or sometimes even on private chats with the opposite gender. This then leads to untold disaster and destruction which requires no elaboration.

A female Mureeda really has no need to join a ‘Whatsapp’ group for Islaahi purposes nor is there any need for any Sheikh of Tasawwuf to create such a group. The males can attend the Majaalis of the Sheikh and discuss matters directly with him in person or over the phone. The females can communicate via their spouses or any Mahram male. She may also communicate via email preferably using her spouses email so that there is less fear of Fitnah. Hadrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alaih used to receive correspondence from females as well but such correspondence would include her husband’s or Mahram’s signature. Despite being such a great Sheikh of Tasawwuf, he too would exercise caution in these matters since no person, Alim, Sheikh or Wali can be rest assured that he will never fall into Fitna. 

Therefore, in conclusion, if the husband of this particular woman is feeling uneasy about his wife joining the ‘Whatsapp’ group then he should be grateful to Allah Ta’aala for guiding him correctly as we too do not approve of it.                              

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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