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Sleeves In Salaah


If someone folds their sleeves in Salah but keeps them below the elbows, will the Salah still be makrooh? 
If someone’s sleeves are so tight that they do not touch the ground when making Salah, will such a person’s Salah also be makrooh?


If the sleeves are folded in such a manner that the elbows are covered but a person would not like to present himself in front of an honourable person in this manner, the Salaah will be Makrooh (Fatawa Mahmudiyyah Vol. 6 pg. 652). The reason is that first of all, the person is holding back his sleeves from reaching its normal position and secondly, when he would feel ashamed to appear with such apparel in front of an honourable human personality, then how can he have the audacity to present himself in this manner whilst worshipping the King of all kings, i.e. his Creator. 

If the sleeves are not folded, but merely tight-fitting, then as long as the elbows are covered and a person would not feel reluctant to present himself in front of an honourable person with such sleeves, Salaah will be valid without Karaahah (dislike).



(و) يكره ايضا (ان يرفع كمه) ان يشمره (الي المرفقين) و هذا قيد اتفاقي فانه لو شمر الي ما دون المرفق يكره ايضا لانه كف للثوب و هو منهي عنه في الصلوة لما مر و هذا اذا شمره خارج الصلوة و شرع في الصلوة وهو كذلك (حلبي الكبير ص357 سهيل اكيدمى)
وَلَوْ صَلَّى رَافِعًا كُمَّيْهِ إلَى الْمِرْفَقَيْنِ كُرِهَ. كَذَا فِي فَتَاوَى قَاضِي خَانْ
(الفتاوى الهندية ج1 ص106)

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