Soap Falling Into The Bucket During Ghusl


If whilst having a bath a bit of soap falls into the bucket, can ghusl be made with that water or is soap considered as a najaasat?


We understand from your query that a bit of soap that was applied to one’s body falls into the bucket whilst taking Ghusl. If that area of the body (where the soap was applied) was Paak then the water (in the bucket) will also remain Paak and suitable to continue with the Ghusl. The soap will not become Napaak nor can it be considered as Najaasat by merely applying it onto one’s body in Ghusl. 

Yes, if the soaped area was Napaak from before (that is, the impurity wasn’t washed off before soaping the body) then it will cause the applied soap to become impure as well. If this soap now falls into the bucket water then the water (in the bucket) will become impure and will have to be changed before continuing with one’s Ghusl.

If on the other hand you are referring to a piece of soap falling into the bucket, then the soap itself will not be considered as Najaasat/impure if there isn’t any impurity attached to it. It will therefore not cause the water in the bucket to become impure. Yes, if impurity was attached to the soap and thereafter it fell into the bucket then it will cause the water in the bucket to become impure. 

We hope that the above explanation clarifies the issue.                 

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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