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Supplicating To The Ambiya


I performed Umrah some years ago. At the Rawdah-e-Mubarak I made Dua to Rasulullah g to call me back to Madinah Munawwarah. Will this constitue Kufr since I asked directly from  Rasulullah g?


It is not permissible for one to make Dua before any creation, as Dua is an Ibaadat which is exclusively for Allah d. In fact it is Haraam to ask of the creation.

It is recorded in Majalis-e-Abraar that to complain to the inmates of the grave, and ask them for assistance, sustenance, health, children, payment of debt and other needs is similar to idol worshipers asking of their idols for their needs. All Ulama agree that none of these things are permitted. In short, to leave Allah d and ask for children, cure for our illnesses, sustenance, etc. from the inmates of the grave is an act of Shirk.

Allama Muhammad Taahir r states:

فان منهم من قصد بزيارة قبور الانبياء والصلحاء ان يصلي عند قبورهم ويدعو عندها ويسئلهم الحوائج وهذا لا يجوز عند أحد من العلماء المسلمين فإن العبادة وطلب الحوائج والاستعانة لله وحده
(مجمع بحار الانوار ص448 ج2)

Verily amongst the people are those that visit the Ambiya and righteous with the intention of performing Salaah at their graves and asking of their needs. None of the Ulama (of the Muslism) have sanctioned it, as engaging in acts of worship, asking of one’s needs and seeking assistance is for Allah alone.

 We are made to confess daily again and again:

اياك نعبد واياك نستعين

It is only You that we worship and it is only You that we seek assistance from.


Rasulullah g advised Abdullah Bin Abbas I in the following words:

إذا سألت فاسئل الله وإذا استعنت فاستعن بالله

When you ask then ask of Allah, and when you seek assistance then seek assistance from Allah


Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani r advised his son Abdul Wahhab at the time of death, “Hand over all your needs to Allah d and seek assistance from him.” His advice is recorded in the following words,

عليك بتقوي الله وطاعته ولا تخف أحدا ولا ترجه وكل الحوائج كلها إلى الله عز وجل واطلبها منه ولا تثق بأحد سوي الله عز وجل ولا تعتمد إلا عليه سبحانه التوحيد التوحيد التوحيد (ملفوظات فتح رباني ص665)

It is obligatory upon you to fear Allah and obey Him, and do not fear anyone besides Allah d, nor have hope in anyone besides Allah d. Hand all your matters over to Allah d. Ask Him for your needs. Do not place your reliance on anyone besides Allah d. Your trust and hope should only be on him, He is free of all faults. Tawheed (meaning – you only regard Him to be one, regard His Being to be Most Powerful, Put your trust on Him alone and have hope only in Him.)   


Re: Fataawa Rahimiyyah Pg.237/238 Vol.2

Any person that asks directly from the inmates of the grave (whether Awliya or Ambiya) should renew his Imaan as understood from the above discussion as the Ambiya and Awliya do not have the ability of fulfilling the needs of people. However, if one asks directly from Allah through their intermediary then this is quite in order. If by asking Rasulullah g, you mean that you asked Allah d through Rasulullah g’s Waseela (intermediary) then it will be correct, but if you directly asked from Rasulullah g and not Allah d then renewal of your Imaan will be required. 

اور ان بزرگان دین کے وسیلے سے دعائیں کرنا جائز ہے ، لیکن ان سے براہ  راست مانگنا جائز  نہیں ، کیونکہ وہ لوگ  کسی حاجت اورضرورت  کو پورا کرنے کی طاقت  نہیں رکھتے ہیں    – فتاوی فلاحیہ ص۱۱۱ ج19

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