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The Difference Between Taqwa And Hayaa


After pondering for a while I found that taqwa and hayaa are two such sifaat which are closely related due to their outcome. Kindly explain the difference between the two.


There are numerous definitions of Taqwa provided by the Ulama and Mashaaikh but we will simply provide the crux of Taqwa to simplify the matter and avoid any further complication. Taqwa simply refers to being conscious of Almighty Allah at all times and in all places, and consequently one obeys the commands of Allah and refrains from the disobedience of Allah Ta’aala. This is the crux of Taqwa.

Hayaa is when a person ponders over the bounties and favours of Almighty Allah upon him and his disobedience to Allah; the feeling created within one to obey Allah Ta’aala is referred to as ‘Hayaa.’ When this quality of ‘Hayaa’ is within a person then obeying Allah Ta’aala becomes simple whilst loss of ‘Hayaa’ could cause one to reach a stage that is lower than animals.

From the two explanations we conclude that the consequence of both Taqwa and Hayaa is the same, but the methodology of reaching the end result is somewhat different. We do hope that this answers your question.  

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.

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