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Travelling An Alternate Route Due To Which A Person Becomes A Musaafir


If Zaid travels for example from A to B using one road and let’s say the distance is 50km. On his way back, he uses another road and stops in C. So that is another 40km. So altogether he travelled more than 77km. Will he be regarded as a Musaafir? He had intention when he left A to travel more than 77km.

The point I’m trying to ask is will Zaid be regarded as musaafir if he travels 77km, irrespective of which direction he travels, or does his destination have to be 77km or more away from his starting point?


The rulings of a Musaafir will apply on a person when he departs from his locality with the intention of traveling more than the Shar’ee distance of 77 km. His destination does not necessarily have to be 77km away from his starting point. 

In the enquired scenario, considering C to be Zaid’s final destination, he will be regarded Musaafir if the distance he traveled via B is more than 77km even though C itself is less than 77km from his starting point. However it should be kept in mind that if Zaid initially intended to travel only to B and from there decided to go to C, he will not be regarded a Musaafir, because in this case, he did not have an intention to go to C when he left his home in A.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


(فتاوي هندية ١/ ١٣٧ الماجدية) 

(البحر الرائق ٢/ ١٢٩ مكبه ماجديه) 

(المحيط البرهان ٢/ ١٢٥ المكتبة الغفارية) 

(الدر المختار مع حاشية رد المختار ٢/١٢٢ سعيد) 

(البحر الرائق ١٢٩/٢ الماجدية) 

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