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Using Funds Donated For A Specific Purpose


If somebody donates money specifically for Musallas in a Masjid, can the money be used for other things in the Masjid project or must it only be used for the Musallas?


If the donor specifically stipulated at the time of donating that his funds are to be used solely for the purchasing of Musallahs then such funds should be used only for such a purpose.

Yes, if the donor’s funds have not been as yet utilized for purchasing the Musallahs and there is a need for funds to meet other expenses and the donor (after taking his permission and consent) permits the usage of his donated funds for such expenses, then only will it be permissible to utilize his contribution/funds in other avenues as well.

Checked and Approved By:

Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B.


فإن شرائط الواقف معتبرة إذا لم تخالفك الشرغ وهو مالك ، فله أن يجعل ماله حيث شاء ما لم يكن معصية شامى 4/393

شرط الواقف كنص الشرع اى فى المفهوم والدلالة ووجوب العمل به فيجب عليه 4/433

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