Using The Top Floor Of The Masjid As Madrasah Classrooms


Our masjid has an upstairs section which is above the masjid boundary. It is part of the back half of the boundary looking into the masjid, like many masaajid. The upstairs section needs to be used for madrasah classes. Can we exclude it from the masjid boundary. It was originally decided not to be part of the masjid.


During our telephonic discussion you had explained that when the Masjid plans were drawn and the foundation laid, the top floor (that is directly above the back portion of the Masjid) was excluded from the Masjid.

However, you also explained that there is an element of doubt as to whether it is part of the Masjid or not. The Mutawwalis should be consulted in this regard and asked whether they intended this portion to be part of the Masjid or not. If they too are not certain in regards to this matter, then the area will be excluded from the Masjid as initially intended when laying the foundation.

Now coming to your query, if the top floor is part of the Masjid then this area cannot be used for classrooms. If on the other hand, it does not form part of the Masjid, then too it cannot be used for classrooms as this area was built for the benefit of the Masjid (to accommodate for the overflow of Musallees, etc) and not for classrooms. The Mutawallis should therefore make alternate arrangements for the required classrooms.

جو دالان مسجد کے مصالح کیلئے وقف ہے اس کے کسی حصہ کو کسی دوسرے کام میں لانا درست نہیں ۔۔۔فتاوی محمودیہ ص۳۰ ج۲۲